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President of the Trustee Board

Doug Wertz

Welcome to the Mansfield Playhouse website!

In this day and age of multi-tasking, it is important to take some time to treat yourself to something new or something old but adventurous and entertaining. Well, you have come to the right place.

As we continue our mission to share our talents and build community through the experience of live theatre, we look for new and exciting shows as well as bringing back some of the older popular shows. Live theatre has gone through many cultural changes and challenges but the experience always has a rewarding outcome. Not only for the cast and crew but also for the audience, volunteers and members of our community. The Mansfield Playhouse plays a very important role of its own as we have a history, a following, and a never-ending outreach to those whom may have never had the benefit of the live theatre experience.

Every year is an incredible benchmark and testimony to the important role the Mansfield Playhouse plays in our community as the direct and indirect social and economic benefits, for which we continue to contribute, proves the value of our existence.

The Mansfield Playhouse also includes, as part of our mission, to offer affordable, quality performance to all members of the community. You may have noticed as you trekked upward toward the auditorium, that we cannot fulfill that entire mission. Wouldn’t it be great and a real boast to other communities to be able to offer our talents in a facility that can serve all? My personal involvement with this organization stretches now into 41 years and it has been a personal dream to see this happen. To expand and upgrade would be phenomenal. As the revitalization of downtown Mansfield continues and the nightlife becomes more of a focus, keep us in mind. Your support in word of mouth, talent sharing, and of course, community philanthropy could all make is a possibility.

Thank you once again for the visit and we hope to see you soon!

Doug Wertz - Board President


President................... Doug Wertz
1st Vice President.......... Carla Eighinger
2nd Vice President.......... Eric Gustafson
Treasurer................... Lynda Smith
Business Manager............ Tony Viscioni
Secretary................... Johnna Gustafson
Assistant Secretary............ Jess Carr


Heidi Ankrum, Steve Oster, Sarah Russell

Theater Manager

Tammy Wertz

Box Office - Tammy Wertz
Casting - Lynda Smith
Concessions - Carla Eighinger
Costume House - Mary Ann Calhoun
Hospitality - Johnna Gustafson
House Managers - Char Hutchison
Marketing - Tammy Wertz
Play Reading - Johnna Gustafson
Publicty - Tammy Wertz
Ushers - Mary Ann Calhoun
Web Site - Steve Zigmund

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