The Mansfield Playhouse is excited to announce our 2021-2022 season!
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Disney’s Moana Jr.    

Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i & Mark Mancina
Book Adapted by Susan Soon He Stanton
Music and Orchestrations Adapted and Arranged by Ian Weinberger
Based on the 2016 Disney film, Moana

 This thrilling and heartwarming coming-of-age story follows the strong-willed Moana as she sets sail across the Pacific to save her village and discover the truth about her heritage. Moana and the legendary demigod Maui embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and camaraderie as both learn to harness the power that lies within. With empowering messages of bravery and selflessness, Moana JR. is sure to bring out the hero within each of us.

Moana JR. features all the beloved songs from the film, written by Tony®, GRAMMY, Emmy, and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina, including “How Far I’ll Go,” “Shiny,” and “You’re Welcome.”

Show Dates: September 10, 11, 17, 18 at 7:00 pm
September 12 & 19 at 2:30 pm

Klondike Kalamity                                 

By Gary Peterson and David Byrne

The Great Yukon Blizzard of 1888 sets the scene for this hilarious romp over the fields of melodramatics. Included in the cast are: the fair and lovely maiden, the poor, crusty, but honest freelance lumberjack, the stalwart and heroic Mountie and a villain you will simply love to loathe! Add to their ranks a snow-blinded Inuit, a flapjack-filching bruin and one befuddled lass who keeps forgetting her identity, and you have a madcap farce in the finest and funniest tradition of the melodrama. Will Fangduster T. Barrelbottom get away with his unmentionably nefarious scheme? Can our true-blue hero ever hope to clear his foully besmirched name? Is there a chance that the heroine may escape the sawmill blade?

Show Dates: October 22, 23, 29, 30 at 8:00 pm
October 31 at 2:30 pm

Shawn Mullins in Concert, with Jai Merina

November 6- Tickets $25.00 

After a series of indie record releases, Shawn Mullins’ critical breakthrough came when 1998 Soul’s Core album shot him to fame on the strength of its Grammy-nominated No. 1 hit, “Lullaby” followed by AAA/Americana No. 1 “Beautiful Wreck” from 2006’s 9th Ward Pickin Parlor. His song, “Shimmer” was used in promotion of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and was included on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack. He co-wrote “All in My Head” which was featured in episode one of the hit TV sitcom “Scrubs.” Mullins also co-wrote the Zac Brown Band’s No. 1 country tune “Toes.” In early 2002, he formed super group The Thorns with Matthew Sweet and Peter Droge.

Mullins’ most recent album My Stupid Heart was released in 2015, the theme of which, Mullins says, can be summed up most succinctly by the song title, “It All Comes Down To Love,” the guiding force behind just about every song on the album.

For the 20th anniversary of Soul’s Core, Shawn is revisiting the music by recording two new versions of the album. He is calling this Soul’s Core Revival. This is not a remix or a remaster of the original, but rather brand new recordings with new arrangements of the songs – one album will be new stripped down solo performances, some on guitar, some on piano and maybe one a cappella and the second will be a new studio recording with his full band, Soul Carnival.

Mid-Ohio Civic Opera – Winterreise

The Magician’s Nephew

By C.S. Lewis. Dramatized by Aurand Harris

TYoung Digory and his friend Polly, using magic rings created by Digory’s uncle, set forth on a series of magical adventures through mythical kingdoms and enchanted lands. In the travels, they encounter Queen Jadis and awaken her from her enchanted sleep, unleashing the power of evil. Attempting to acquire the healing apple for Digory’s sick mother, the heroic children unintentionally bring Jadis’ evil into Narnia. In this land of talking animals, there are miraculous happenings as good battles against evil and Digory struggles to return home to cure his ailing mother.

Show Dates:  December 3, 4, 10, 11 at 7:00 pm, December 12 at 2:30 pm,

Audition Dates:   September 28 & 29 at 7:00 pm

Play On!                                      

By Rick Abbot

This is the hilarious story of a theatre group trying desperately to put on a play despite maddening interference from a haughty author who keeps revising the script. Act I is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the final act is the actual performance, in which anything that can go wrong, does. When the author decides to give a speech on the state of the modern theatre during the curtain calls, the audience is treated to a thoroughly hilarious romp!

Show Dates:  January 28, 29 & Feb. 4, 5 at 8:00 pm, February 6 at 2:30 pm

Audition Dates:  December 7 & 8 at 7:00 pm

The Butler Did It                                                  

A Comedy Thriller By Walter Marks and Peter Marks       

The scene is the set where Anthony J. Lefcourt, writer and director, is rehearsing his new play, a “classic whodunit” (in which all the characters are named Butler) with which he hopes to regain the success that has eluded him in recent seasons. Desperately eager to stimulate his cast to their best efforts, he has deliberately withheld the final scene of the play from them, but his patience is worn thin by the petty jealousies and romantic rivalries that detract from their concentration. In an effort to spur them on he “stages” the murder of one of the actresses, after which the plot begins to twist and turn with such dazzling ingenuity—and hilarity—that soon actors and audience alike have lost track of what is real and what is make-believe!       

Show Dates:  March 11, 12, 18, 19 at 8:00 pm, March 20 at 2:30 pm

Audition Dates:  January 11 & 12 at 7:00 pm

Always A Bridesmaid

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

In this hilarious comedic romp, four friends have sworn to keep the promise they made on the night of their Senior Prom: to be in each other’s weddings…no matter what. More than thirty years later, these Southern friends-for-life are still making “the long walk” for each other, determined to honor that vow. ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID is the rollicking tale of four loyal and determined women who definitively answer the question, “Just how far are you willing to go to keep a promise to a friend?”                

Show Dates: April 22, 23, 29, 30 at 8:00 pm, May 1 at 2:30 pm

Audition Dates:  February 22 & 23 at 7:00 pm

Mid-Ohio Civic Opera

May 20, 21, 27, 28 at 8:00 pm & May 29 at 2:30 pm

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton

Beauty and the Beast JR. tells the story of Belle, an adventurous young girl, and the Beast, her hideous captor who is actually a young prince trapped under a spell. In order to break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and earn her love in return – before time runs out.  With the help of the castle’s enchanted staff, including a loving teapot, a charming candelabra, and a nervous mantel clock, Belle and the Beast find a beautiful friendship and love that neither knew was possible. Beauty and the Beast JR. features classic songs from the Academy Award®-winning film score such as “Be Our Guest” and “Belle,” as well as original songs from the 1994 Tony®-nominated Broadway musical.

Show Dates: June 17, 18, 24, 25 at 7:00 pm, June 26 at 2:30 pm

Audition Dates:  April 5 & 6 at 6:00 pm

For further information, contact the Mansfield Playhouse at 419-522-8140.