Covid-19 Policies and Protocol

July 27, 2020

Welcome back to the Mansfield Playhouse for our 53rd season in our current location.

The Playhouse is working very hard to reopen this season while doing our best to help mitigate and prevent the spread of illness during these concerning times. The following is a compilation of what the organization has implemented to maximize healthier standards.


  • Following guidelines given by the State, the total attendance will be reduced by 50% occupancy. Seats will be available in pairs while keeping a ‘bubble’ of emptiness surround.
  • The auditorium will now be open for seating (1) one hour prior to the performance. Please be sure to arrive early to assist preventing overcrowding the upper lobby and stairwells.
  • Masks or plastic face shields will be required to enter the building and must remain while seating. We ask for common courtesy and concern for the well being of all. Socializing or visiting other audience members in the auditorium will be discouraged.
  • Concessions will now have¬† plastic shields to minimize face to face contact with staff and patrons. There will be an organized and directed flow from order placement to pickup and return.Credit or debit cards will be the preferred method of merchandise purchase throughout the theater.
  • All front of house staff will be required to wear masks and gloves during the hours of performance operations.

Facility Updates

  • The Mansfield Playhouse is currently updating restrooms with touchless soap and towel dispensers. There will also be hand sanitizer stations available throughout.
  • Front of house staff will be wiping down high contact surfaces prior to opening, during performances, and after intermission.
  • Though all doors will be accessible for emergency exit, traffic routing will be in place to minimize overcrowding the lobby areas.
  • All seats will be treated prior to and after every performance using a ULV disinfectant fogger.
  • All playbill programs will now be available either digitally or placed on seats prior to performance.
  • Ushers may direct easiest access to seats but will not be escorting the aisles.
  • Actors and production staff are all required to wear masks during the rehearsal process and backstage during all opportunity. Backstage crew will always wear masks while on premise.

We Care!

The Mansfield Playhouse cares about you and our community as a whole. Please help us keep entertaining and sharing our talents together. Remember…Your friends, Your family, YOUR theater!